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Dishes of the season

Ryotei Wakafuku offers you with dishes of the season, revising the menu every 10 days so that our regular visitors are always offered a fresh and seasonal dish. Materials are all purchased fresh everyday from the Tsukiji market, the largest market in Tokyo.

wakafuku neo japanease cuisine


This is a special menu that is not on the menu list!! Fresh fish just in from the market in the morning will be selected by our chef to nourish you with our delicate sushi.


Steamed egg custard with vegetables.

wakafuku kaiseki dish

Our Kaiseki Ryori

We prepare our Kaiseki-ryori with carefully selected seasonal ingredients, which we cook with a special touch of delicacy, the result an original and most exquisite dish that you can only enjoy at Ryotei Wakafuku. Our Wisteria lunch box is another specialty that can be enjoyed throughout the year, a must if you visit Wakafuku at lunch.


Neo Japanese cuisine

Other than traditional Japanese cuisine, dishes can be arranged European style with traditionally Japanese raw materials, a totally new type of cuisine that can be enjoyed upon request.

Our Kaiseki course dishes are beautiful to look at, using fresh ingredients of the season, fit for all occasions from casual lunches with friends to official dinners, receptions etc., and of course, simply delicious! The menu varies according to season, so please inquire for more detail.


There is no other simpler way to enjoy the season's most fresh fish and vegetables than our tempura. The simple deep frying method of tempura will keep the freshness of the ingredients even after it has been cooked, and the delicate timing of cooking produces that fresh and crisp taste.