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About "Kameido Tenjin"

From Tokyo Station take a 7 minute ride on the Sobu-line and come visit Kameido Tenjin. Get off at Kinshi-cho, and head for the North exit. Take a taxi and tell the driver to take you to Kameido Tenjin (about one meter by taxi), or take a casual 10 minutes walk. Located East of Tokyo Metropolitan area, this "shita-machi" area goes back to the Edo period, known for its friendly and casual atmosphere.

Japanese wisteria

Early Spring event : "Liar liar"

Do you know Uso-Dori "Lier bird"? This is one of the most famous annual events at Kameido Tenjin that takes place in January. Buy a wooden sculptured Liar Bid and tell all your bad lucks of the year before to that bird. Since its name, Liar Bird, it will lie and make all your bad lucks of last year into good lucks for this year. You should start with a small Liar Bird, and purchase every year.


A traditionally Japanese cuisine Come visit Edo Kaiseki Restrant "Wakafuku" We prepare our Kaiseki-ryori with carefully selected seasonal ingredients, which we cook with a special touch of delicacy, the result an original and most exquisite dish that you can only enjoy at Ryotei Wakafuku. Our Wisteria lunch box is another specialty that can be enjoyed throughout the year, a must if you visit Wakafuku at lunch.

Kameido Tenjin has been known to the public as "Tenjin of Kameido" or "Kameido Tenmangu" since 1662 years old.Every shrineswith the name "Tenjin" enshrines Minister Michizane Sugawara, an intellingent nobleman, and people visit the Tenjin in the hope of improvement in studies. Dazaifu Tenmangu in Kyushu is another Tenjin, which is worth a visit.

Comforting environment

The gardens of Kameido Tenjin is full of flowers and green of the four seasons. Its beauty captures the heart of all who visit, especially the wisteria blossom of April and May. Whereas Dazaifu Tenmangu in Kyushu is famous for its plum blossom, Kameido is known as "The wisteria Kameido". During the day, you can enjoy the contrast of the wisteria with the cool water of the pond in the garden, and at night, you can enjoy the lit up beauty of the blossom in

These days, the bird is also worshipped as lucky charms for students. Over 30,000 Liar Birds are made within the Tenjin every year by hand, and they are treasured as precious ornaments too. Start your new year with a small Liar Bird, and come back again next new year.


Edokaiseki Wakafuku is situated right within the precinct of Kameido Tenjin (Minister Michizane Sugawara Shrine), a perfect hideout for a peaceful and snug Japanese meal. Enjoy the seasonal changes of the gardens and the delicacy of Japanese Kaiseki meal, a traditional style of cuisine originated from tea ceremony.

Kameido Tenjin

the silence of the gardens from your table at Wakafuku.Autumn fills the garden of Kameido Tenjin with chrysanthemums, filling the whole garden, and on November 15, many parents visit Kameido Tenjin with their children in colourful kimonos to celebrate their growth, called "Hichigosan", a traditional Japanese ceremony celebrating the joy of their growth of children.

Liar Bird